Orange Honda Ruckus NPS50

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2011 Honda Ruckus NPS50

What could be cooler than an economical scooter? How about one with an extra dose of attitude. The 2011 Honda Ruckus® is Honda's bare-knuckle scooter that sets a new standard for cool.

Want to blend in? Then forget about a Ruckus. Because this machine packs way more attitude than bikes twice its size. Sure, the thrifty 49cc engine gets you where you need to go and hardly uses any gas doing it. Urban riding couldn't be easier thanks to the V-matic® automatic transmission and electric starter. And best of all the Ruckus is built tough so it can handle all the bumps and dings that modern life dishes out, but does it with a style all its own.

Less is More.

Instead of wrapping the Ruckus in plastic and chrome, we took all that stuff off. The result? The most unique scooter on the road.

Liquid-Cooled. Power-Packed.

The Ruckus uses a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 49cc engine so you get plenty of power, famous Honda reliability, and awesome gas mileage.

Fill Up with Only 1.3 Gallons.

How far can you go with a little over one gallon? Let’s just put it this way: Your coffee budget is probably going to be a lot bigger than your fuel budget.

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