Honda VFR800 C-ABS

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We’d earlier said that Honda are likely to replace the existing VFR800 with a brand-new, V5-powered VFR1000 for 2009. And we were completely wrong! Honda have released pics of the 2009 VFR800, which is still powered by the same VTEC V4 which we all know and love.

However, like the 2009 Fireblade, the VFR800 now comes with C-ABS on the options list, and white is one of the new paint options. The base model costs US$11,000 and you’ll have to pay US$12,000 if you want those anti-lock brakes.

Must admit we’re a bit disappointed that apart from the C-ABS thing, Honda haven’t bothered to update the VFR800 at all. If not the V5 engine, at least sharpened-up styling and USD forks would have helped. And maybe that underseat exhaust system should have made way for a Fireblade-style number


My Article "Why use Car Covers"

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If we have a car, important one is how to keep car body to make it look clean and shiny like a new car. For that we need to use a car cover, below are the benefits we get when using a car cover

1) If you live a high rainfall area which then you need a car cover is resistant to water. Because rain can damage car paint, so we need to use a car cover, than we bother washing our cars better to install the car cover.

2) Sometimes we choose to park in the shade such as under trees, but we are not aware that the tree is a nesting place for birds. Your car will be dirty if exposed to the feces of birds that nest in trees or branches from trees that fell to make your car paint scratched, you may not immediately clean so we need to put a car cover if we parked the car under a tree.

3) Although only a cloth car cover that covers the car but it is useful to prevent theft. Cars that use the cover to make a thief can’t open car doors with ease so that cars become safer.

4) The UV rays are too strong can make you easy to dull paint, if you park the vehicle in the sun should use a car cover.

5) Conscious or not when we parked the car in the garage,the cold can get into the car so the car's interior was wet. To prevent that we need to install the car cover, car cover to protect your car from the cold outside.

Buy a car cover is not anything wrong because the aim to protect your car. If you want to buy it, choose the best because not all car covers same and compare the prices so we can buy car covers at best prices.


Honda SS125 1967

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The stamped-frame Hondas have grown more attractive with the passage of time, and the SS125 is the best looker among them. I like the efficiency of the layout, but it certainly doesn't rival the best European designs of the time for sheer sculptural beauty.

'SuperSport' didn't translate into any extra power. By the time the SS125 was introduced, the 125 twin was pretty long in the tooth and already making all the power it reliably could. Its 10,000 RPM redline was still remarkable, but all those revs only provided 16 crank horsepower and less torque than a 4-stroke twin was expected to make, especially with a 4-speed transmission.

The stamped steel frame was actually quite rigid. The flexy forks and swingarm, combined with garbage damping units and springs, made it less than sporting.


2010 Kawasaki ER6-n

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At first, the silly sideblades and overly-ambitious styling looked horrible to me. The fact that it is functionally excellent prompted me give it another look, and I must confess it has grown on me over time. Many of the details are still too cluttered (especially the exhaust and lower engine shields, and that silly headlight) but it does have a certain panache. It certainly isn't boring or bland.

The 650 twin is classed as a 'beginner bike' and dismissed by many as 'just a midsized twin.' But let's put that in perspective: the ER-6n would have been amongst the fastest production bikes in the world 30 years ago. It is still no slouch. Some say it vibrates a bit too much, but once again, that is just being nit-picky by anything but 2010 standards.

There is nothing to complain about the ER-6n's handling, it steers nicely, corners and is reassuringly steady on the highway. Again, this score is a sign of how much bikes have improved over the last decade or so, and just how many excellent bikes are out there now.


Yamaha YZF-R125

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Yamaha has added yet more arsenal to the once decaying 250cc and under roadbike segment with the release of the sportsbike-inspired YZF-R125.

Yamaha claims the same engineers who created the YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 are behind the YZF-R125, which has a fuel-injected, four-valve, SOHC 125cc four-stroke engine (bore and stroke are 52mm and 58.6mm) that produces maximum power at a fairly lofty 9000rpm.

It has a six-speed gearbox, signature Yamaha Deltabox frame, aluminium swingarm, light five-spoke wheels, sharp bodywork, 1355mm wheelbase and 292m front disc, clearly aimed at those looking for some sporting DNA in the tiddler class.

There is a six-speed gearbox, and an R6-style mid-ship muffler

Yamaha claims it offers the strongest overall performance in the 125cc four-stroke class -- although it's not what you'd call a saturated segment.

Honda has its CBR125RW, while the venerable Cagiva Mito is two-stroke.

The CBR125RW is the fifth biggest selling bike in the 250c roadbike category so far this year, behind the Kawasaki Ninja, Honda CT110, Honda CBF250 and Hyosung GT250R.

Accessories for the $6999 YZF-R125 include a double bubble screen, seat cover, carbon yoke protector and tank pad.


2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

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2010 Chevrolet Tahoe is a vehicle designed for someone who wants an SUV that sophisticated, modern, and has the to ability explore the rugged and damaged roads. Interior design Chevrolet Tahoe is very wide so can carry nine passengers in it. Its interior is very luxurious as leather upholstery. Handling of this car feels good and although it has a big body. For Chevrolet Tahoe engine use 3.5-liter engine, V8, 320-horsepower, a six-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. Chevrolet Tahoe has safety devices with antilock brake system (ABS) disc brake and equipped with air bags so passengers was not injured when the accidents. Chevrolet Tahoe Price $ 36.924 - $ 52.840 is very cheap for an SUV that has many features.

To facilitate you when making long trips this car has a GPS that is connected by satellite so you will not get lost. For dashboard has been designed with modern design. With MP3 player and 1.6 channel sound system will make this car felt like home theater, you will be satisfied with the quality of sound produced. If you are not satisfied with the exterior of this car, you can add accessories that match what you want, chevy tahoe accessories are widely available on the market, you can buy it online and come directly to the shop of goods car accessories


Suzuki van-van

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Who calls a motorbike a Van-Van? Especially in 2003? And, more to the point, why? Well, if you are Suzuki's marketing team, the answer is very simple. Suzuki call their cute little RV125 a Van-Van because they had one in their range in the dark ages, it was popular and it seemed like a good idea to resurrect it. So they did.

To be fair, the new bike does bear more than a passing resemblance to its antediluvian predecessor. The big chrome headlight, spoked wheels, single front disc with a drum on the back, the elderly air cooled single cylinder engine and the retro styling all hark back to a gentler age of motorcycling. Actually that isn't entirely true. The age of motorcycling that they invoke memories from wasn't gentle at all. It was full of evil handling semi reliable overpowered and underbraked animals of motorbikes. And a few gentle souls, which died out as more and more people were converted to the dark side of multi-cylinder high performance biking.

But they do say that what goes around, comes around. And that's certainly the case here, where there seems to be an increasing demand for a commuter bike that isn't a scooter but isn't a missile either. Plenty of people still have sufficient prejudice against scooters that they need something with big wheels, but at the same time they have a sufficiently realistic view of their abilities to limit the performance available to them. The bombsites that masquerade as road surfaces in our cities mean that a commuter needs pretty plush suspension, while the occasional need to go up the kerb to reach that last parking bay means that big balloon tyres will be a major plus. The seat needs to be large enough to handle a full size bottom and there needs to be some luggage capacity.


2010 MV Agusta F4

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Motorcycle fans the world over have been waiting for the release of the 2010 F4.It's always a dicey proposition to make sweeping changes to a highly-regarded superbike – just ask Ducati, which found that truth out the hard way with the 2003 999 – so it's not particularly surprising that the new bike is instantly recognizable as an F4, though the entire engine and chassis have been completely redesigned for more performance. Overall weight is down by 22 pounds, and the radial-valve, inline-four engine puts out 186 horsepower, a 12-horse gain over the 2009 model.

A Marelli 7BM ECU controls (among other things) the eight fuel injectors, variable-length intake manifolds and traction control, and it also offers multiple Sport and Rain engine control maps. Spent exhaust gases exit via the four expected underseat outlets, but those "organ pipes" are now squared-off instead of round. Suspension bits include a fully adjustable inverted 50mm Marzocchi up front and a remote reservoir rear shock from Sachs. Naturally, Brembo monobloc calipers clamp down on dual 320mm front discs, which are joined by a single Nissan four-piston caliper and 220mm disc out back.


Yamaha Majesty 2010

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2010 Majesty features a rugged and reliable four stroke engine, fully automatic transmission and push button electric starter. Run at highway speeds and cruise around town.

On the road, the luxurious and sophisticated Majesty is truly a prince. But at the gas pump, you'll pay…well, like a pauper.


Engine 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, single
Displacement 395cc
Bore and Stroke 83 x 73mm
Compression Ratio 10.6 : 1
Maximum Torque 3.7 kg-m (26.8 ft-lb) @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel Delivery 38mm throttle body fuel injection
Estimated Fuel Consumption* 21.5kpl / 61mpg (Imp.)
Ignition / Starting TCI / Electric
Transmission Fully automatic
Final Drive V-belt / Spur gear

Suspension (Front) 41mm hydraulic fork
Suspension (Rear) Dual shocks
Brakes (Front) 267mm disc
Brakes (Rear) 267mm disc
Tires (Front) 120/80-14
Tires (Rear) 150/70-13

Length 2,230mm (87.8'')
Width 780mm (30.7'')
Height 1,380mm (59.3'')
Wheelbase 1,565mm (61.6'')
Seat Height 760mm (29.9'')
Fuel Capacity 14 litres (3.1 Imp. gallons)
Wet Weight 212kg (466.4 lb)

Metallic Gray
Bluish White


Tips For Motorcycle Blogger "How to Choose Good Webhosting"

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Webhosting is a service on the internet that lets you store your HTML files and other files that can be widely accessed by the public. File will be stored on a web server and you can access and manage them wherever you are. To choose a web hosting that has good service and cheap, you can follow my suggestions below.

If your website is used for business purposes you should not choose a free web hosting, because if you choose a free webhosting service that will provide very little like the limited disk space, data transfer is a little, and free web hosting sites have pop-up ads so making people who access your site disturbed. Instead you can choose a paid web hosting, although we have to pay but given very good service and have more features than the free web hosting. Other advantage is the visitors who come will increase a lot because your site has a large data transfer that does not require a long time to access it.

Choose an appropriate web hosting with features you'll use, is necessary because most people pay a premium to hire a web hosting features available, but they are not used optimally, so choose web hosting that match your needs.

Sometimes a webhosting has the Microsoft-based services, using Microsoft-based services that you may impose to pay because web hosting company should pay royalties to Microsoft. To choose an affordable web hosting try to find that based on open source, because it will be cheaper.

Make sure you choose a web hosting company has a good corporate background, before you choose a webhosting. Usually a good web hosting company has a forum, in this forum you can find web hosting reviews and comments from all these web hosting users. If you find a lot of complaints from their customer you should choose another web hosting company.


kawasaki vulcan 2010

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The engine is what makes the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic LT so popular among experienced riders and we couldn’t understand this aspect better as we’re talking about a 125-cubic-inch (2,053cc), 52-degree V-twin with dual cams and four valves per cylinder. This thing is built for quick acceleration even though it will have to move the 884.2 lbs wet weight of the fully accessorized Vulcan 2000 Classic LT. With a bore and stroke of 103mm x 123.2mm it’s hard to thing that virtually anything else related to that engine even matters, but the great part about it is that it determines all the other systems to grow with it. Take fueling system for example. The Digital Fuel Injection features dual 46mm Keihin throttle bodies in order to supply the engine with the needed amount of gas which sometimes can be in a more than decent quantity.

The greatest quality of big V-twin motors is that they deliver loads of torque from just above idle and that of Vulcan’s achieves peak 141 lb-ft of torque at just 2,800 rpm. That’s why you don’t get a sixth gear and also why fuel consumption won’t be that bad after all. The engine and tranny connect through a 220mm flywheel just so that power delivery would be smooth, not only impressive.

Given the specific engine and tranny, all Vulcans are built on a steel double-cradle frame bolted in between a 49mm telescopic fork offering 5.9 inches of travel and a triangulated steel tube swingarm offering 3.9 inches of travel. This thing rides on a pair of 16-inch wheels and the rear one features a 200mm tire, just so you get a clue on how the engine influences all of the other features of this motorcycle. But because it is mounted so low on the frame, the engine (which also features forged pistons and alloy connecting rods) has everything to do with the 5.3 inches of ground clearance which also allows for a fairly low seat height of only 26.8 inches.

Any sport bike would be proud of the front 300mm discs with four-piston calipers brakes while secure rear braking performance is ensured by a cruiser-like disc measuring 320mm in diameter and working with dual piston caliper.


Zero X (electric dirt bikes) 2010

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With instant acceleration and a total weight of 151 pounds, the Zero X is a high performance electric motorcycle that takes technical trail riding to the next level. Using Zero’s patented Z-Force™ technology and boasting 50 ft-lbs of torque, this stealthy motorcycle will send you racing up hills, flying over jumps, and cutting through streams. The Zero X is built from the ground up for quick handling and maneuverability. Custom valved suspension, direct drive gearing and weight optimized components allow riders to master demanding terrain. Lightweight, silent and quick, the Zero X opens up trail riding possibilities that would otherwise be out of the question. To extend ride times customers have the option to purchase an extra power pack that can be swapped with a quick pit stop.

The Zero X starts at $7,495 for the X Sport and $9,295 for the X Extreme. Some countries or states may offer incentives. Consumer financing is available in the United States for those who qualify. The motorcycle can be purchased online now and will begin shipping in the United States at the end of March. The Zero X comes with a2-year limited warranty.


* Type: Brushed permanent magnet electric
* Torque: 50 ft-lbs (67.7 Nm)
* Peak horsepower: 23 horsepower
* Peak electrical input: 17,400 watts

Power System

* Type: Patent-pending lithium ion array
* Capacity: 2 kWh (58volts @ 35Ah)
* Range: Up to 2 hours or 40 miles (64 km)
* Recharge time: Less than 2 hours
* Input: Standard 110V or 220V


2010 Kawasaki Z1000

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New in every aspect, the bike is now being powered by a 1,043cc. inline-four developing an impressive 136bhp and 81lb/ft of torque. The all-new engine makes this the most powerful Z1000 so far and we expect it to turn the new generation model into also the fastest Z1000. The chances for that to happen are quite big because the new aluminum frame reduces overall weight, about which Kawasaki hasn’t yet mentioned a word. Yet they do brag about better mass centralization and the ZX-10R cast aluminum frame, which makes its way around the top of the engine, keeps overall width at a level that allows even female riders to ride the Kawasaki Z1000 easily. Also, aerodynamics should be significantly improved, but we’ll get to that later.

Meanwhile, it is a must mentioning that the engine is now a much greater source of low- and mid-range power thanks to the 77.0 x 56.00mm bore and stroke. It is supposed to sound better as well and it isn’t mainly the 4-2-2 exhaust system’s music that you’ll be hearing, but also the intake sound because the ducts are now positioned closer to where the rider is sitting.

Kawasaki doesn’t mention much about the new bike’s riding position, but they make sure we find out about the tapered-type grips and Ninja ZX-10R-style footpegs. Still, it shouldn’t be a killer for the rider’s back.

Speaking of comfort, the suspension equipment is soft and while the 41mm USD forks are fully adjustable, the new horizontal rear shock apparently isn’t.

Even if Kawasaki says something else, this is a bike built with performance in mind and the brakes aren’t forgotten. We’re talking about 300mm front petal brake discs gripped by opposed four-piston radial-mount calipers up front and 250mm disc gripped by a single-piston underslung caliper at the rear.

Overall, the bike sounds like a totally enhanced riding experience and it has come a long way since its 2003 debut.


2010 MotoGP schedule

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This is 2010 MotoGP schedule


My Article "how to choose auto dealers"

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In buying a new vehicle , we must choose a dealer who is experienced and has good service, but not all dealers have a good service. One of the most fatal if our car was severely damaged engine and the dealer would not give guarantees. Of course we a lot of money to fix it. This is my advice how to choose auto dealers who have good service.

"Ask the person who had purchased the vehicle at the dealers"
If you choose a dealer you can ask someone, whether the dealer has good service and are willing to give guarantees on your vehicle. Also very important the price offered is too expensive or not. If it does not meet the above your criteria, you should choose another dealer.

"Ask the dealer whether to have a license and certificate"
With the licenses and certificates you are not confused to buy a vehicle in that place. But if the dealer does not have a license and certificates that you can consider another dealer.

"Look at the dealers brochures"
By looking at the brochure you can know what services that you get, if you buy the vehicle at the dealership. If you want to buy a truck from Chevy PA, you can see it in brochures.

"Choose specific dealers"
If you want to used Chevy trucks, pick a special dealer to sell vehicles from Chevrolet. Do not buy from dealers who sell various brand because if your car is damaged will be difficult to get a warranty.

"Whether the dealer has an online service"
If I was the difficulty in finding a suitable vehicle, I can see the catalog of car from dealer websites, my family is very happy with the car from Chevrolet and if they want to see the new cars they can be seen Reedman Chevrolet. If a dealer does not have a website we would be hard to get information.


yamaha super tenere 2010

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Yamaha Super Tenere just already launched and it seems to be the most considered by adventurer rider. It was a somehow fully formed motorcycle that was not really on show including in the recent 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Well the mystique has been maintained, because no images have been released yet, but we now know a lot more about the bike’s fine details – the 1200cc parallel twin will have a 270 degree crank (for a v-twin feel), and will useYamaha’s YCC-T ride-by-wire throttle, have switchable engine-mapping, traction control, and three-position anti-lock braking.

Full specs and technical information have just surfaced for Yamaha’s 2010 XT1200Z Super Tenere – and it’s immediately clear that BMW’s R1200GS now has a serious competitor in the big-bore adventure sports category. Apart from its adventure credentials – spoked rims, sit-down/stand-up riding ergonomics and the like, it’s also packing some very interesting technology – including a 3-stagetraction control module and a super-smart braking system that looks like it might put Honda’s Combined ABS system to shame.


Info for Motorcycle Rider

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