The Giant Killer BMW S1000RR

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Speed has to be kept under control. And motorcycle control is exactly what we have been constantly reinventing over the last 20 years. The S 1000 RR represents a milestone in electronic rider safety: ultra-lightweight ABS (2.5kg), which can be used in conjunction with the extremely efficient DTC dynamic traction control (available as an optional extra) – quite unique for 2009.

Racing ABS for all conditions

You couldn’t wish for a more discreet ABS; it has fine control intervals, is virtually imperceptible in its operation, and is light enough to satisfy fans of low-weight bikes.

DTC – transparent traction control you can rely on.

This dynamic feature reacts reliably and efficiently to speed, lean angle, and operating mode (rain, sport, race, or slick). It was specifically designed to be as effective on the road as it is on the racetrack.

Radially mounted Brembo brake callipers

This is how today’s superbikes decelerate. Not only do brake disks mounted directly on the wheel rims look good, they also reduce unsprung mass.

A superlative engine.

An extreme bore/stroke ratio (80x49.7mm) and rocker arm-actuated valves for great stability at high engine speeds, compact construction and lightweight design – a genuine powerhouse which demonstrates its considerably ability at all output levels.

IA design that doesn't just look good

Intelligently positioned slits behind the fairing minimise turbulence to allow the rider to maintain a relaxed head position, optimum air-flow around rider and bike ensures stability at top speed, while efficient flow-through makes for maximum cooling. Combined with plenty of eye-catching design features – that’s the way to do it.

Sporty seat positioning.

If you want to be fast, you have to adopt a relaxed racing posture. The way you sit must allow you to concentrate on the essential aspects of motorcycling – maximum enjoyment and perfect control. The looser you are on the bike, the easier everything else will be. Gone are the days when you had to bend yourself flat. Today's modern posture means you are actually sitting more in the bike than on it.

From model year 2011 the BMW S 1000 RR is available in the following new paint finishes:

•Shine yellow metallic
•Light grey metallic

The paint finishes Mineral silver metallic and Acid green metallic are no longer available


Diferent Superbike BMW HP2 Sport

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When BMW Motorrad presented the BMW HP2 Sport in autumn 2007, a dream came true for many boxer fans. Not only is the BMW HP2 Sport still the sportiest and most powerful series production flat twin of all time tailored to meet the needs of ambitious two-cylinder sports riders – its numerous exclusive details used up to now only in motorsports which entered series production for the first time on the HP2 Sport are truly fascinating.

Now BMW Motorrad is following up with the road-licensed “HP2 Sport Motorsport” special model.

The HP2 Sport achieved numerous successes in scores of races all over the world in the past 3 years, among other things with the BMW Motorrad Works Team in selected Endurance World Cup races. The racing boxer took part in renowned 24-hour classics such as Le Mans or Bol d'Or.

Like the factory machines the fairing, fuel tank, seat bench, front mudguard and engine spoiler are painted in the BMW Motorsport colours Alpine White, Lupine Blue metallic and Magma Red. The forged aluminium wheels are in Lupine Blue metallic at the front and Alpine White at the rear. In addition this exclusive special edition with the green and black start number areas on the seat body as well as the factory sticker set is visually very close to the successful BMW Motorrad Motorsport works motorcycle.

The HP2 Sport Motorsport has the same technical basis as the HP2 Sport launched in 2007. The flat twin engine equipped with double overhead camshafts and high-engine-speed capable cam followers used for valve operation delivers 98 kW (133 hp) at 8750 rpm. Maximum torque is 115 Nm at 6000 rpm, maximum engine speed being 9500 rpm.


The Exotic Bike Aprilia Shiver 750

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2011 Aprilia Shiver 750

A V-90 engine with a maximum output of 95 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 81 Nm at 7,000 rpm promises the right amount of power for wherever you ride. The 2011 Aprilia 750 Shiver is available in Aprilia Black or Crowd Silver

It is certainly no easy matter to take the lead in a class as fiercely competitive as the medium powered naked class. A class where the battle is not just about technology and performance, but also design, component rationality and riding ease and pleasure, elements which are not always compatible and are particularly demanding for designers and engineers.

Aprilia has picked up this challenge and interpreted it by applying its own successful philosophy to a completely new design, destined to set new standards for years to come. A bike both strongly aggressive and at the same time clean-cut and elegant, in perfect Aprilia style. A bike at the top of its class for its sporty personality, designed on the basis of the know-how of a company which has to date won 250 world championship victories.

The pride of all Aprilia bikes, refined mechanics and a top class chassis, are once again the key to the success of the Shiver 750.

The Aprilia Shiver 750 is the naked everyone was waiting for. A design able to satisfy the disparate needs of those buying this type of bike. From everyday use to a trip along mountain passes or use on the racetrack, the Aprilia Shiver 750 is completely at home in any situation, guaranteeing pure riding pleasure at all times.

Light, agile and powerful, it has a new generation engine and the most advanced technical features in its class. The brand new 90° V2 produced entirely in-house by Aprilia is extremely compact. Above all, thanks to the advanced electronic management, it can deliver a level of power comparable to four cylinder engines in the same class, but with much more favourable torque at low revs for an efficient and pleasing ride even on everyday routes. True to the Aprilia tradition, the chassis simply has no rivals in its class. The innovative mixed trellis/aluminium frame provides standard setting rigidity. All this makes the bike extremely compact, perfect even for the beginner.


2011 Yamaha YZ450F First Ride

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The history of motocross has been a great revolutionary designs, followed by consolidation and the dramatic progress in improving motorcycle.

Moving from large impactors in the light two-stroke defined the 1960s. In the 70s, it was a long travel suspension. The '80s brought us the coolant and suspension links. The 90s saw the return of the four-time (not coincidentally, the Yamaha YZ400F) and the '00s saw a return to dominance Thumpers.

Yamaha, with the new YZ450F, fired first in the war for dominance '10s. This innovative feature motocross technical innovations that are highly desirable in the dust, and can have an impact on the bikes in the next decade to have.

The most obvious progress, of course, is the new engine with a cylinder, about eight degrees from vertical inclined backwards.

You can with the idea that centralization of the mass was the only reason for this radical transformation will be issued. However, the answer is more complicated than that.

Although the positioning of the weight of the YZ450F cylinder near the center of the wheel has certain advantages in handling, the cylinder is also offside 12-degrees forward of the axis of the centerline of the crankshaft something that has been made possible by leaning back of the cylinder.

In this position, the rod further into the rotation when the fire is a spark, but the stem at an angle where electricity is produced it, vertically, creating friction engine more efficient because of less-restrictive piston.


MV Agusta F3 First Look

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A work of art that happens motorcycle is synonymous with excellence, style and technology. The new 2011 MV Agusta F3 to apply the principles of the brand heritage to a different segment of the Super Sport 600 class bike.

The F3 MV was a completely new project of the CRC, the research center, which has grown steadily and has developed bikes dreams. Low weight, power and electronics in harmony on a new bike F3 that the claims of the class of extreme pressure.

F3 engine, a 675cc three-cylinder in-line (three times as the Triumph 675 was launched in 2006), plays a tribute to the successful bike brand in the word. With this layout down and MV have an unprecedented number of races and world titles.

This engine MV emblematic F3 is now back in the form of an average weight of super athletes with technical standards and performance requirements of Claudio Castiglioni, who are convinced that this is the ideal architecture for the segment 600 is based .

MV Agusta claims that the F3 engine is the compact, shorter and narrower compared to the competition, and the situation, the most power in this category.

One of the many technical features is the crankshaft in front, never seen on a production engine supercar.

Another is an advanced electronic engine control, specially designed for this exceptional bike with three cylinders.


Harley Davidson Rocker C Testride

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Without doubt, in 2011 Harley-Davidson Rocker C is a motorcycle, is catchy.

Riding around with the colors scarlet Deluxe, it is impossible to avoid thumb-ie high signal to pedestrians, the guy in a moving truck "nice bike" to a traffic light, so that an old man waiting twinkling of an eye in a rickety pickup truck as we until green - it goes on and on, all day in the neighborhood after neighborhood.

In a metropolis like Los Angeles bumped, where people usually avoid eye contact when driving, which is extraordinary.

There is much to tell Rocker C appearance in 37-degree raked front end for the rear fender near the body tire for Harley-Davidson. There are certainly some sleight of hand with C. What rock as a solo seat almost floating in the air as a passenger seat in which are installed without tools in less than a minute like saved.

The mirage Softail is particularly effective in front with a rear fender that moves with the rear wheel, the way we're used to seeing. Add to that the striking color (I wonder if I had received the same number of unsolicited compliments when I'm not on the Scarlet Red version), and you have a bike that demands and receives attention.


Suzuki GSX-R750 2011 Reborn

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Suzuki GSX-R750 2011

The GSX-R750 is outfitted with a 750cc 4-cylinder engine with a race-proven oversquare bore/stroke ratio for efficient, high-revving output.

The GSX-R750 is equipped with a new 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system featuring a titanium muffler, which carries a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve. The system maximizes torque and improves throttle response, especially in the low-to-mid RPM range.

Advanced, race-developed transistorized ignition control circuit helps maintain more precise ignition timing across the range of engine temperature.

The GSX-R750 powerplant utilizes forged pistons, shot-peened conrods, chrome-nitride-coated upper compression and oil control rings, and pentagonal ventilation holes for outstanding engine performance.


The Incredible Suzuki GSX-R600 2011

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Suzuki GSX-R600 2011

Impressive performance, exceptional handling and remarkable modern sport-styling prove the all-new redesigned 2011 GSX-R600 is a class-leading sport bike worthy of its race-winning GSX-R heritage. The GSX-R600's responsive and agile ride results from a new lightweight chassis with a compact wheelbase and race-developed suspension. Whether you’re tearing up the streets or dominating the racetrack, the all-new GSX-R600 is designed to offer unparalleled performance for all riding levels.

A compact, powerful 599cc 4-cylinder engine demonstrates the advanced race-proven technology of the GSX-R line when you hit the throttle and push the RPMs to the redline. The GSX-R600. Designed to be the top performer in its class—it’s the total package ready to Own The Racetrack.


The King Of Speed Suzuki Hayabusa 2011

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2011 Suzuki Hayabusa Features

Engine Features

The Hayabusa is equipped with a 1340cc, in-line, DOHC liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves, and Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers (TSCC).

Lightweight aluminum alloy pistons with a compression ratio of 12.5:1 are used for maximum performance in all conditions. Hard, smooth chrome-nitride Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating on the upper compression and oil control rings on each piston reduces friction while improving cylinder sealing.

Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) cylinder plating improves heat transfer, durability and ring seal.

Lightweight titanium valves allow the use of light valve springs and high lift while maintaining accurate valve control. Iridium spark plugs are used for high combustion efficiency.

The Hayabusa's engine is fed via Suzuki's SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) fuel injection system with dual 12-hole, fine-spray injectors per cylinder and ram air intake with large volume airbox.

Suzuki Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system ignites unburned hydrocarbons and reduces carbon monoxide emissions.

S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) allows the rider to choose from three different engine settings depending on riding conditions or rider preferences

The Hayabusa comes with a large volume 4-2-1-2 exhaust system with a large capacity catalyzer, dual triangular canisters and closed loop system.

A high efficiency curved radiator features dual electric fans controlled by the ECM for increased cooling capacity. The oil cooler has 10 row cores for increased heat dissipation.


New Sport Touring Suzuki GSX1250FA 2011

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2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA

Boldly styled and impressively powerful, the GSX1250FA is prepared to provide excitement whether you’re out touring, commuting or if you’re simply out having some fun. The GSX1250FA, with its sportbike DNA, is a machine that can define a weekend, but can also be relied on every day of the week. The fully faired GSX1250FA has a fuel injected double overhead camshaft (DOHC) powerplant packing 1255cc of power at your service. Delivering a wide spread of power, starting low down in the rev range, the six gear transmission takes full advantage of this torque, resulting in extra smooth acceleration and inspiring power delivery

a perfect combination for long distance rides. The GSX1250FA. Exciting, stimulating and tailored for sporting comfort. It’s an all-around performer and an exceptional value.


The ultimate muscle bike 2011 Yamaha VMAX

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2011 Yamaha VMAX (VMX17)

The ultimate power cruiser delivers unmatched performance and style.

Unlike any other motorcycle available today, the 2011 Yamaha VMAX is truly in a class of its own. The awesome acceleration and muscular beauty combines with sporty handling and Yamaha's latest electronic engine management technologies to offer an incredibly exhilarating riding experience.

Brawn and brains.

The 2011 VMAX is the ultimate muscle bike and is the awesome result of its evolutionary journey. The unique features of this iconic beast are richly blended with advanced sportbike tehcnology and forward-thinking style. It all adds up to a machine with immense performance and visual power. There's only one V-Max.

The legend continues.

In '85 the original V-Max turned the motorcycle world on its ear. Our engineers took a big dose of the original "Mad Max" DNA then added a bunch of Yamaha's latest sport bike technologies like our chip controlled variable intake stacks, a high tech fuel injection system and our famous fly by wire throttle. The result is the next generation VMAX. The legendary sound, engine character and amazing acceleration are all part of the design but there is a twist. The VMAX offers truly sporty handling, thanks to its lightweight aluminium chassis and fully adjustable suspension. Scorched any pavement lately?

2011 Yamaha VMAX (VMX17) model Features

Fuel Consumption * 11.4kpl 32mpg(Imp)

1679cc, V-4 powerplant with YCC-I & YCC-T

Aluminium chassis with fully adjustable suspension


Liquid-cooled, 1,679cc, DOHC, 16-valve, 65°, V-4 engine has no equal in its class. The compact engine design has allowed the engineers to place the engine in the "sweet spot" of the frame to optimize handling.

DOHC 4-valve "pent roof" cylinder head design provides optimum breathing efficiency for incredible engine performance. Valve actuation is via under bucket shims. Compression ratio is 11.3:1.


Yamaha Chopper Criuser 2011 Yamaha Stryker

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2011 Yamaha Stryker

The looks and style you crave along with performance and refinement you only get from a Star Motorcycle.

The all new 2011 Yamaha Stryker, a machine designed to be ridden... and admired. Chopper inspired styling, attention to detail and mechanical function blend together in a stunning new mid class "chopper". One ride and you will know we got it right. The style, the performance and that special attitude is intoxicating.

Strykes fear into everything else.

The all new 2011 Stryker by Star Motorcycles is the coolest bike to roll off the assembly line since the Yamaha Raider took the industry by storm. With its raked out front end and "fists in the wind" riding position, this bike is pure attitude. And with fuel injection, a 1304cc V-Twin, and a beautiful final belt drive, the 2011 Yamaha Stryker churns out plenty of low-end torque that gets to the ground in a very satisfying way. It's time for an attitude adjustment!

Powered by a liquid-cooled, 1304cc V-twin powerplant, the new Stryker offers an unparalleled riding experience.

The looks are guaranteed to turn heads while the engine performance and sound will keep you grinning all day. But there is more. It is hard to put into words but one ride and you will discover its unique "bad boy" attitude.

2011 Yamaha Stryker model Features

1304cc fuel injected V-Twin

Chopper inspired styling and attitude


The Beast 2011 Yamaha Raider (XV1900)

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2011 Yamaha Raider (XV1900)

Style. Performance. Attitude. You might as well have it all.

You are looking at a new generation of custom cruisers. A breed that stands apart. Check out the incredible attention to detail. From front to back, the 2011 Yamaha Raider is loaded with "custom" inspired parts. Stretched out fork, fat rear tire, low seat and an aggressive, slammed riding position. The 2011 Raider features more black parts than the S version. The Yamaha Raider not only looks good... it offers an incredible riding experience too.

Style. Performance. Attitude.

If you want totally custom but would rather ride than wrench, have a look at the 2011 Yamaha Raider by Star Motorcycles. The 113 cubic inch fuel injected V-twin engine that powers it takes a back seat to no V-twin when it comes to power and reliability. And the rest of the chopper-inspired 2011 Yamaha Raider is pure Star, designed and engineered by the world's best bike builders.

When the engineers at Yamaha set out to produce a true custom machine, the easy part was the styling and attention to detail.

The trick was to combine "chopper inspired" styling with a chassis that would offer superior handling. The engineers at Yamaha were not willing to compromise. The Raider had to deliver great handling and excellent ride quality. Discover the eye catching blacked out styling details and the all round incredible performance of the Raider.


Instant Classic 2011 Honda Shadow RS VT750RS

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2011 Honda Shadow RS VT750RS

The Honda Shadow® RS serves as rolling proof that classic ideas never go out of style. By combining agile and responsive handling, V-twin power, clean, crisp lines and standard-style riding ergonomics, this is one ready and willing bike that's perfectly poised for whatever the journey may bring. The Shadow RS's higher footpegs enhance ground clearance, and its thoroughly modern liquid-cooled 745cc V-twin engine boasts Honda's sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection to enhance your riding pleasure. Climb aboard the 2011 Honda Shadow RS VT750RS, and the open road is all yours.

Yep, believe your eyes—those are higher-set footpegs and shorter, more upright bars. So, how can this be a Shadow cruiser, you ask? Oh it’s all Shadow, just with a heavy dose of old-school roadster thrown in—you don’t have to look too hard to see the classic flat-track influences in the peanut-shaped fuel tank and flatter seat. It all adds up to an amazing motorcycle that’s just as much at home on a favorite back road as it is prowling on a Saturday night. And that means fun, with a capital “F.”

Great Ideas Never Go Out of Style.

The 2011 Honda Shadow RS VT750RS is proof that classic ideas never go out of style. Agile and responsive, this V-twin roadster has crisp, uncluttered lines and standard-style riding ergonomics that deliver comfort and cool—and plenty of fun—in one distinctive package. The bike’s higher pegs improve ground clearance when cornering, while its sophisticated, PGM-FI fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 745cc V-twin engine makes every ride an unforgettable pleasure.


The Police Motorcycle 2011 Honda ST1300P

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2011 Honda ST1300P Features

" ABS combines with Combined Braking System (CBS) for a wide range of braking and steering control. ABS features an electric-motor-driven modulator that gives quick, precise braking-pressure adjustments and smooth ABS operation. The system incorporates an integrated electronic control unit (ECU) controller, self-diagnostics with an interactive ECU test function and automatic protection against system failure (see Technology Section).

" CBS uses a second master cylinder and a proportional control valve (PCV) to couple the three-piston calipers of the dual-disc front and single-disc rear brakes. Using the front brake lever activates the outer two pistons of the front calipers and the two outer pistons of the rear caliper. Rear pedal engagement activates the center piston of the rear brake caliper and the center pistons of the front calipers, and a delay valve slows initial front brake response to minimize front-end dive.

" A motor-driven adjustable windscreen offers 7.4 inches and 13 degrees of adjustability for greater wind protection and touring comfort. A thumb-operated push-button on the left handlebar operates the windscreen motor. An additional 2.3 inches of manual adjustment is possible by repositioning the windscreen on the mounting brackets.

" New special patrol speedometer is graduated in 2-mph increments above 10 mph.

" Adjustable three-position dual-density solo seat.

" Handlebars raised 25mm and width increased 13.5mm for rider comfort.

" Specialized brackets for lights, sirens, antenna mount and radio/electronic equipment.

" Rear component cover for electronics weather protection.

" Left and right lower engine guards have built-in brackets for mounting accessories.

" Right-handlebar-mounted multi-function switch controls.

" On/off headlight switch.

" 8mm side fairing air-deflector set.


Honda Cruiser Chopper Fury VT1300CX 2011

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A Masterpiece of Form and Function

Make no mistake, the Fury VT1300CX 2011 is all about the way it looks, sounds and feels—and the way all these sensations make you feel when you’re riding it. But like all Honda , the Fury is also a showcase of engineering, boasting innovative features like Programmed Fuel Injection, custom-cast wheels, specially designed shaft drive, and, of course, that monster 1312cc V-twin. Call it the perfect marriage of style and substance

The Beast Within.

You won’t find a V-twin more righteous than the Fury’s, a 52º, 1312cc brute, putting out heaps of power and torque—and a sound that is pure V-twin soul.
It’s all the rage.

If you’re looking for the buzz on this bad machine, then look no further than Facebook,YouTube, and Twitter, and see what the world is saying about the Fury.

Unleash your inner Fury.

Wanting to add your own personal touch to your Fury is a given. And that’s why we’ve got an armful of cool, classic chopper-style accessories to help get you started.


The Stylist Naked Bike 2011 Honda CB1000R

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Superbike Power.
The new CB1000R is built around a superbike-strong 998cc DOHC inline four engine. Basically, we took a CBR1000RR powerplant and retuned it to deliver a bare-knuckle blast of power that's perfect for street riding, with plenty of torque and power on tap. Since it's a four cylinder, it's plenty smooth for longer rides too.

When You've Got It, Flaunt It.
The new CB1000R has nothing to hide. On the contrary, it'd be a shame to cover up that awesome engine, so we've put it out front and center so you and everyone else can enjoy it. Then our designers gave the CB1000R just enough styling touches (side radiator shrouds, fork-mounted cowl fairing, cast aluminum four-spoke wheels) to really set it apart. Check out the result for yourself. European Model Shown.

Easy to Handle.
The CB1000R offers exceptional handling, thanks to a Gravity Die Cast mono-backbone aluminum chassis that's light and strong, a fully-adjustable inverted fork, and adjustable Pro Link® rear suspension with a single-sided swing arm.


The King of Class 2011 Honda CBR1000RR

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New for 2011

- Repsol Edition returns along with an exciting new Red/Black and all Black color schemes. C-ABS model available in Red/Black only.

- All colors have silver frames and silver swingarm.

The Details make the Difference.

The CBR1000RR is a perfect example of typical Honda industry-leading innovation. Combining tons of power, light weight, and refined, responsive handling with drop-dead good looks, it’s equally at home carving your favorite canyon as it is collecting wins on World Superbike podiums. That's the CBR1000RR—the ultimate liter-class sportbike experience.

Stop That! - The CBR1000RR (along with the CBR600RR) are breaking new ground by offering one of the most innovative braking systems ever: Honda’s revolutionary Combined ABS.

Combined Anti-Lock Braking (C-ABS) - All-new, electronically controlled Combined ABS distributes brake force over both wheels, helping to maintain braking confidence in less than ideal conditions. Electronic measurement of rider input on each brake lever permits application of only the front or rear brake in some cases, while the system combines both brakes in others.

Unit Pro-Link Suspension - By eliminating the frame-mounted top shock mount, Unit Pro-Link isolates the chassis from bumps, resulting in more precise handling and better traction. Developed on Honda's championship-winning MotoGP bikes, it's a perfect example of the CBR's superior engineering.

MotoGP-Style Exhaust - The CBR1000RR's lowboy muffler not only looks cool and sounds great, it also offers a handling advantage by moving the silencer lower and closer to the bike's center of mass. GP bikes do that to make the machines more responsive, and you get the same benefit with the CBR1000RR.

Slipper Clutch - The CBR1000RR uses a patented slipper-clutch design with a special cam-assist mechanism for easier actuation. That means you get a light feel at the lever, the feedback a cable system provides, and all the backtorque-limiting benefits a slipper clutch provides.

Twin-Spar Aluminum Chassis - By varying the wall thickness of the chassis' main elements, our engineers can fine-tune chassis rigidity precisely, and in individual areas. You get a frame that offers the perfect balance of a stable riding platform but with no harshness.

Dual-Stage Fuel Injection - Two injectors per cylinder – one primary and one secondary – controlled by an ECU that senses RPM and throttle opening, ensure both low- and high-rpm performance. You get near instantaneous high-rpm response, along with great low-rpm metering and clean running.

Centrally Located Fuel Tank - Centrally located fuel tank increases mass centralization for a more compact frame design.

Idle Air Control Valve - Idle air control valve minimizes torque reaction and smoothes response to small throttle changes through gradual reductions of air and fuel intake when throttle is opened and closed.

Two-Stage Ram Air - Nose mounted, two-stage ram air system provides a high volume of cool air to the airbox, for linear power delivery and superb engine performance.

Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) Inverted Fork - The HMAS cartridge fork features an exclusive internal piston construction. This innovative design employs smaller-diameter pistons to keep oil velocity high for improved damping characteristics and an expanded range of adjustability. The result: you get more precise suspension performance, especially over smaller surface irregularities.

Radial Front-Brake Calipers - The CBR1000RR's radial-mounted monoblock front-brake calipers are stiffer, for better brake feel and performance. Each caliper uses four chromium-plated aluminum pistons that squeeze lightweight 320mm floating discs for exceptional stopping power.

Honda Electronic Steering Damper
Power is one thing, but the key to a great sportbike is how it handles, and that’s where the Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) comes in. Compact, unobtrusive and super-smart, it helps maintain smoothly predictable high-speed handling and low-speed maneuverability.

Follow The Leaders
Honda has always used racing to improve our sportbikes, and the CBR1000RR is a great example. A major force in the World Superbike Championship, you can follow Honda’s performance and catch up on Team Honda's highlights on our racing pages.


The Best Supersport 2011 Honda CBR600RR

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No other 600cc machine has won more magazine comparisons and AMA championships than Honda's CBR600RR. Striking the ideal balance of power and handling, the new CBR600RR blends a light and compact chassis with impeccable power delivery for a combination that's hard to beat. Also available with the Honda's unique Combined ABS for the pinnacle of sportbike braking performance, the 2011 CBR600RR continues to set the standard for the middleweight class.

Is Honda's CBR600RR the perfect sportbike? Plenty of riders think so. And it's easy to see why. First off, it offers a near magical combination of light weight, free-revving power, compliant suspension and all in a package that’s sized just right.

Next, the CBR600RR has been honed to perfection on the track, where it dominates the World Supersport championship scene. And then there's the CBR's awe-inspiring degree of Honda technology: tuned twin-spar frame, Programmed fuel injection, the Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) and Honda's available Combined ABS that all add up to put the CBR600RR way ahead of anything in the 600 class.

But at the end of the day, one thing stands out above all the rest: The CBR600RR is just a blast to ride. And isn't that why you're looking at sportbikes in the first place?

New for 2011

- Exciting new colors: Red/Black and Black. C-ABS model available in Black only.

- All colors have silver swingarms.

Honda Genuine Accessories

- Color-Matched Passenger Seat Cowl

- U-Lock

- CBR® Racing Cycle Cover (for indoor use)

- Carbon-Fiber Accents

- Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

- Outdoor Cycle Cover


All New 2011 Honda CBR250R

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Features & Options

•249cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine
•Low seat height
•Programmed Fuel Injection
•Analog/Digital Instrumentation

2011 Honda CBR250R Features and Benefits

Light, Narrow, Low.
Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the new CBR250R is narrow, and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.

The Power of One.
The new CBR250R uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer. Sure that’s tech talk, but the architecture offers some very real advantages. Maybe the most important is power delivery: a single offers the kind of torque and midrange power that’s well suited for all levels of riders.

Stop with Confidence.
The option of Honda’s Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is a perfect matchup with a bike like the new CBR250R. ABS helps you cope with unanticipated challenges and stop with added confidence.

Engine Type 249.4cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 76mm x 55mm
Induction PGM-Fi, 38mm throttle body
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Valve Train DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Transmission Six-speed

Front Suspension 37mm fork
Rear Suspension Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustability
Front Brake Single 296mm disc
Rear Brake Single 220mm disc
Front Tire 110/70-17 radial
Rear Tire 140/70-17 radial

Rake (Caster Angle): 25.0 degrees
Trail 95mm (3.74 inches)
Wheelbase 53.9 inches
Seat Height 30.5 inches
Curb Weight 359 pounds. includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride.
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gallons


2011 Kawasaki Z1000S Pic

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Kawasaki reportedly will present a new variant. Kawasaki Z1000S name the new bike, his photographs have been leaked in cyberspace. There has been no confirmation from the Kawasaki about this new figure, so there is no explanation about the technical specifications.

On the look of the design, Z1000S 2011 modern style, futuristic and muscular. Bagin front carrying the twin lights which mengkerucut sharp. At the stern lights futuristic design.

Seems that Kawasaki wanted this bike sports an aggressive streetfighter style. Rumored, equipped with mechanical heart aluminum material, a capacity of 1043 cc with 136 hp shot power and torque of 110 Nm. Reportedly Z1000S will premiere on public display beginning this October.


2011 New Suzuki GSR750

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Suzuki GSR750 2011 has been out sketches. Suzuki GSR750 2011 Kawasaki Z750R challengers. It is estimated, GSR750 still using the previous machine. However, the issue said scattered energy will be smaller. The designers succeeded in concocting Suzuki GSR750 re-appearance in 2011. Now, the design is far more aggressive than the existing line of Suzuki nakedbike. Apparently, they tried to cut the distance between the design of the Suzuki Gladius Suzuki B-King.

Later, Suzuki will be faced with FZ8 Yamaha, Aprilia Shiver, Triumph Street Triple, in the streets. GSR750 2011 will perform at Intermot Cologne, held October 6 to 10, 2010. Another newspaper, the event will be launched also Suzuki GSX-R125.


New KTM 125 Duke for 2011

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Originally unveiled at the 2009 EICMA show in Milan, the 125 Duke was developed by the same team behind its older brother, the 690 Duke. The 125 Duke is powered by a liquid-cooled fuel-injected 125cc engine with a claimed output of 15 hp. KTM displayed two variants of the 125 Duke at EICMA, named “Race” and “Stunt”, hinting that other variations can be produced from the same platform.

The 2011 KTM 125 Duke is expected in dealerships in March, but no word on whether it will be imported to North America. For now, here are a couple of videos KTM released about the 125 Duke.


Kawasaki Z750R 2011

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The Kawasaki Z750R has just been unveiled today, ahead of its public debut which will take place at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live event at the NEC in November. The Kawasaki Z750R is the brand’s latest super naked and aims to add new handling and braking technology to the class. The Kawasaki Z750R features new 41mm highly adjustable front forks, an aluminum swinging arm and remote reservoir piggy-back rear shock. This new handling pack of the Kawasaki Z750R wants to offer Supersport handling to the naked motorcycle class.

The Kawasaki Z750R is also equipped with radial mounted front callipers, race inspired petal discs and performance oriented radial mount brake reservoir. The brake lines are steel braided.

A hit all over Europe and across the UK, the Z750 will be joined in the Kawasaki Street-fighter stable for 2011 by the new Z750R – set to get its UK public debut at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live event at the NEC in November.

Entering the exciting “R” arena, the latest super naked from Kawasaki adds a new level of handling and braking sophistication to the class and is sure to win favour with the growing customer base for versatile, mid-weight machines that handle and stop as well as they look.

With new 41mm highly adjustable front forks, matched by a stunning aluminium swinging arm and remote reservoir piggy-back rear shock, the handling package represented by the new Z750R will reward riders looking for true Supersport handling from a naked motorcycle.

The ante has also been upped in the braking department with beefy radial mounted front callipers gripping race inspired petal discs matched to an equally performance oriented radial mount brake reservoir.

2011 Kawasaki Z750R features and specification are listed below:

* High-grade, sharper front cowl
* Multi-piece cowl construction
* Sharper, more aggressive, multi-facet design
* Luxurious two-tone colouring
* Front fender with new fork guard portions
* Sharper turn signals
* Sporty R-model instrumentation
* Front suspension offers more precise adjustability
* Both sides feature rebound adjustability (vs only one side on Z750)
* 41 mm inverted fork
* Preload adjustable
* Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with piggyback reservoir also offers increased
* cooling performance
* High-quality sculpted aluminium swingarm
* Radial-mount 4-piston calipers
* Radial-pump brake master cylinder
* Steel-braided brake lines (front and rear)
* Thicker front petal discs


2011 Yamaha Fazer 8 Usa New Model

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The Yamaha FZ8-series

Yamaha is proud to announce two new motorcycles that open up a whole new class within the popular FZ sportsbike range – the FZ8 and the Fazer8. The FZ8-series is based on the idea of a high-performance all-rounder with the power and character to make every ride an exhilarating sports ride.

Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful FZ6-series – which, since 1998, has sold over 250.000 units – both bikes offer serious sports bike looks, outstanding handling and a flexible, powerful, torquey engine that encourages riders to explore its full potential.

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It’s an accessible kind of adrenaline: a shot of sportsbike energy, designed to be enjoyed every day.

These dynamic new sports machines are built on a new 779cc engine and all-aluminium frame. The engine offers a balance of middleweight accessibility with big-bore power and instant grunt throughout the rev range. It steers fast and effortlessly, and handles with surefooted confidence – whether it’s cranked right over on a tight, smooth corner or slicing its way through traffic on a congested commute.

The naked FZ8 is a machine with attitude. Muscular, aggressive design gives onlookers a hint of this bike’s serious intentions. Not a bike for beginners, the FZ8 is a pure expression of performance and quality craftsmanship.

With the semi-faired Fazer8, the emphasis is placed firmly on getting out there and enjoying the roads, whatever the weather. Discover sportsbike performance and handling, with the aerodynamics, wind and weather protection of a front cowl and screen. It’s a solid step up in performance and quality.

779cc, liquid cooled, inline 4-cylinder engine

In order to arrive at the perfect power and torque spread for a mix of high performance and all-round usability, Yamaha threw out all preconceptions about engine size. The 1000cc and 600cc categories that largely divide the market are imposed by racing regulations, not road riding considerations. Many riders find 600cc supersport engines to be hard work on the open road – and 1000cc superbike engines to be overkill.

Yamaha’s engineers selected a 779cc engine displacement to provide the perfect balance between the accessible performance of a 600 and the broad, instant torque and power of a litrebike.

The new FZ8-series engine is fuel injected, and uses both a throttle valve and an electronically controlled sub-throttle valve to provide additional control over intake airflow volume. The cylinder bodies have a bore and stroke from 68.0×53.6mm. Readings on engine rpm and throttle opening are processed in real time by the ECU, which operates a new stepping motor to control the sub-throttle valves and optimise volumetric efficiency in each part of the rev range. This is one of the many design considerations aimed at boosting low-middle drive.

Another key to the FZ8-series motor’s flexibility is found in the large-capacity 7.8 litre airbox, where the air intake funnels are two different lengths – cylinders 1 and 4 have 125mm intake funnels, where 2 and 3 are 150mm in length, producing an excellent spread of torque throughout the rev range.

The FZ8-series engine produces 106.2PS (78.1kW) at 10,000rpm, and a generous 82.0Nm of torque at 8,000rpm – with a character that feels light, torquey and responsive down low but builds to a signature Yamaha top-end power rush.

It easily clears EU3 exhaust emission standards, using a short, side mounted muffler and a 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system with a honeycomb type catalytic converter fitted at the point where the header pipes meet. An oxygen sensor feeds real-time exhaust information back to the ECU, allowing the bike to constantly adjust its air/fuel mixture for optimum efficiency and clean emissions.

Chassis and running gear

The FZ8-series features a new engine that is a stressed member in an all-aluminium frame. The design’s high rigidity and low weight minimises frame torsion while providing outstanding high-speed stability and cornering confidence. The FZ8-series also uses a CF aluminium die-cast swing arm, enhancing the effectiveness of the rear suspension.

Front-end suspension is a pair of upside-down forks, running 43mm inner tubes. Rear suspension is handled by a linked Monocross unit – the link being designed to provide soft, light suspension near the top of the stroke to deal with bumpy surfaces in comfort, but then to provide firmer cushioning as the shock is further compressed, for sharper handling during hard cornering.

Front brakes are twin four-piston monoblock calipers, gripping 310mm floating front discs. Being monoblock designs, the calipers suffer minimal distortion under hard braking, so the stopping force is linear, stable and controllable when the chips are down. Both the naked FZ8 and semi-faired Fazer8 models are available with optional ABS.

The wheels are five-spoke cast aluminium rims – the front tyre is a 120/70 ZR17, and the rear is a 180/55 ZR17. This gives both bikes outstanding ride feeling, grip and cornering performance, with access to the full range of sports rubber.

The riding position is sporty but comfortable, with a seat height of 815mm and a narrow tank which gives the rider a good ground access. Overall ride experience is compact and light, with generous room for manoeuvring. Steering is quick and responsive, with an extended 33-degree left-to-right steering angle – making tight U-turns and peak-hour traffic busting much easier.

Muscular, mass-forward design

The FZ8-series consists of two models – the naked FZ8 and the semi-faired Fazer8 with a front cowl and screen. A short muffler, narrow tank and new 3-part tank cover instantly distinguish these bikes from their peers.

Visually, the FZ8 series evokes a pure release of energy in forward motion. The black side parts on the tank provide comfortable knee grip, and give the subtle impression that the coloured tank is breaking away and accelerating forward. The headlight unit on the naked FZ8 adds an aggressive-looking detail. In all, the visual impression is of a bike that looks fast even when it’s standing still – and that sensually curved diamond frame and muscular 4-cylinder engine are still the stars of the show.

2011 FZ8 and Fazer8 Technical Specifications

Type Liquid cooled 4-stroke,DOHC
Forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder
Displacement 779cc
Bore x stroke 68.0×53.6mm
Compression ratio 12.0 : 1
Max. Power 78.1KW(106.2PS)/10000r/min
Max. Torque 82.0Nm(8.4kgf?m)/8000r/min
Lubrication system Wet sump
Fuel supply system Electronic Fuel Injection
Clutch type Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
Ignition system Transistorized coil ignition
Starter system Electric
Transmission system Constant mesh 6-speed
Final transmission system Chain
Primary reduction ratio 1.512(65/43)
Secondary reduction ratio 2.875(46/16)
Gear ratio 1st gear 2.692(35/13)
Gear ratio 2nd gear 2.063(33/16)
Gear ratio 3rd gear 1.762(37/21)
Gear ratio 4th gear 1.522(35/23)
Gear ratio 5th gear 1.350(27/20)
Gear ratio 6th gear 1.208(29/24)

Frame Diamond frame
Front suspension Telescopic fork
Front wheel travel 130mm
Rear suspension Swingarm (link suspension)
Rear wheel travel 130 mm
Caster angle 25º
Trail 109mm
Front brake Hydraulic dual disc brake, Ø 310mm
Rear brake Hydraulic single disc brake, Ø 267mm
Front tyre 120/70 ZR17 M/C(58W)
Rear tyre 180/55 ZR17 M/C(73W)

Overall length 2,140mm
Overall width 770mm
Overall height FZ8: 1,065mm
Fazer8: 1,225mm
Seat height 815mm
Wheelbase 1,460mm
Min. ground clearance 140mm
Wet weight (full fuel tank) FZ8: 211kg / ABS 216kg
Fazer8: 215kg / ABS 220kg
Fuel capacity 17 litres
Oil capacity 3.8 litres


New Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Race Bike 2011

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The all-new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R race bike has been unveiled to the international press at the Nürburgring. The presentation of the new bike comes just before the German round of the FIM Superbike World Championship, which will take place at the Nürburgring race track this weekend.

The new Ninja ZX-10R will mark a fresh start for Kawasaki in the championship. From 2011, the Kawasaki World Superbike Racing Team will receive more means and more support from the mother company in Japan. Since 2009, the Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team have evolved and restructured continuously in order to be in a position to utilize the new bike’s potential to the maximum next season.

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The initial race team bikes themselves will be full factory bikes, built and sent to the team from Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) in Japan. The bike is unveiled only now, as Kawasaki starts the European testing trajectory.

Competing in the Superbike World Championship with the all new Ninja ZX-10R will show and expose Kawasaki at the highest level of motorcycle racing. The rules of the championship mean that Kawasaki starts off with and stay within the concept of the production bike which will be available at the local Kawasaki dealership.

Kawasaki is a racing company and the Ninja brand has a solid racing history and pedigree. The new machine will give Kawasaki the possibility to revive the image of being a successful racing company as the company already shows in so many other of motorcycle racing categories within which Kawasaki competes today.

The unveiling of the new Ninja ZX-10R at the Nürburgring was the only chance for people to see the bike close up before next month. The next opportunity to be eye-to-eye with the new Ninja ZX-10R race bike will be the Intermot show in Cologne, starting the 6th of October.


Ducati Launch Monster 796 2011

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Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati has appear its aboriginal new archetypal of the season: the 2011 Ducati Monster 796. This mid-range artery bike fills the abandoned amid the entry-level personality of the Monster 696 and the avant-garde alley achievement of the Monster 1100. With a abject amount of $9995, the 796 is a alive best for motorcyclists searching for an agreeable and easy-to-maneuver motorbike that’s ideal for jaunting in-or-around the city.

The adorableness of the Monster band is that the basal architectonics of the bikes, including the chassis, air/oil-cooled V-Twin engine configuration, and glassy minimalist physique panels are aggregate amid models. About a afterpiece attending reveals there are some key differences amid this one and its siblings.

The primary aberration that distinguishes the mid-level Monster is its use of a 4-valve, 803cc V-Twin, identical to the assemblage active in the Hypermotard 796 artery bike. Compared to the added Monsters this engine is in a college accompaniment of tune, employing an 11.1:1 compression arrangement (versus the Monster 696/1100’s 10.7:1 ratio) address of pistons with a altered acme shape.
Fuel is accustomed from a 3.8-gallon ammunition catchbasin through 45mm burke bodies, anniversary able with a individual fuel-injector. Exhaust is piped through a 2-1-2 stainless-steel agreement that terminates with accompanying shorty-style under-tail mufflers. Anniversary attack aqueduct is adapted with an oxygen sensor which ensures optimum engine active conditions.

A six-speed manual and a hydraulically-operated APTC clamp ascendancy the engine’s ability through a alternation drive. Furthermore the clamp is bathed aural the engine’s oil accumulation acceptable believability and abbreviation babble as compared to the racing-style ’dry’ claws acclimated on the 1198 Superbike. The clamp aswell incorporates a slipper/back torque attached functionality which helps anticipate the rear caster alternation during downshifts at top rpm.

The engine is cradled in a lipstick-red animate filigree frame. It attaches to a reworked subframe which is accordant with commuter grab handles that are accessible as a Ducati accent ($129). The 796 aswell gets the aforementioned well-crafted single-sided aluminum swingarm as acclimated on the added big-ticket 1100 model.


Honda Revealed CRF450R 2011

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Honda hasn’t gotten aggregate it can out of the newest bearing of CRF450R, which is why it fabricated alone baby changes to the open-class motocross bike for 2011. Big Red alien the absolute adapt in 2009 and has been tweaking it anytime since. The fuel-injected motor has little to anguish about adjoin the blow of the class, but advancing to agreement with the anatomy has been accidental for riders of all skill. Honda knows it has a acceptable affair traveling with its bunched design, quick administration and Honda Progressive Steering Damper, but award the appropriate aggregate in the abeyance administration has been difficult, and it’s the top antecedence for ’11.

Our antecedent ride took abode at Jeremy McGrath’s clandestine agronomical in Southern California. This moto haven has an alarming blueprint that is fast, safe and appearance a nice bellow area that aeroembolism hardly to the appropriate – a affection that is generally ailing complete or bare from a lot of tracks. We enlisted the advice of a alpine and angular speedster to advice agitate down the new
CRF450R on a able level. Though he’s been dabbling, absolutely successfully, in off-road antagonism for the accomplished several years, Damon Huffman still knows the business of motocross. He put his championship-winning anatomy to use appropriate abroad out at MC’s. Next we hit up the soon-to-be-gone Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) for a faster blueprint and bigger jumps.


Buell Reborn in Motorcycle Business with 1190RS

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buell 1098RS
While data are acutely dispersed at best, Erik Buell Racing has clearly declared that they will activate assembly of a street-legal sportbike in 2011, alleged the EBR 1190RS. This new American-made apparatus is the change of the Buell 1125RR, a bike which was developed and produced while the above Buell Motor Aggregation was in business beneath the buying of Harley-Davidson.

In a abruptness move at the end of endure year, American cruiser architect Harley appear it would be shutting down Buell. The sportbike aggregation was originally purchased from architect Erik Buell, which he again connected to run, growing it into America’s better and a lot of acknowledged sportbike motorcycle manufacturer. But with the abridgement axis the motorcycle industry upside down, Harley absitively to focus on its aliment and butter, acid all endeavors non-H-D, including Buell.

In the works appropriate up until the actual end was what Buell was calling its Barracuda 2. The backup for the flagship 1125RR, the Barracuda 2 was slated for absolution this year and so far forth in development that active pre-production versions had been logging their final artery afar and a academic columnist addition was in the works. Unfortunately, this never happened, abrogation loyal Buell followers acutely aghast and sportbike enthusiasts in accepted absolutely confused.


Suzuki Announces New Wave of 2011 Models

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Suzuki is pleased to announce its first big wave of several new models for the 2011 model year. In addition to the launch of these new motorcycles and ATVs, American Suzuki is also celebrating its 50th anniversary of international racing this summer. "We are excited to launch a significant number of new units for the 2011 model year, while at the same time we celebrate a half-century of racing," said Steve Bortolamedi, Senior Communications Manager at American Suzuki. "Our products are truly the result of time spent on racetracks all over the world," Bortolamedi adds.

Suzuki will soon ship the 2011 V-Strom 650 ABS, 2011 DR650SE, 2011 DR-Z400S, 2011 Hayabusa, 2011 Boulevard S40, 2011 RM-Z250, 2011 RM-Z450, 2011 TU250 and the 2011 Boulevard M109R and Boulevard M109R Limited. In addition Suzuki is also releasing a 2010 RM85 for those up-and-coming motocross riders out there.

Suzuki is also announcing more ATV models for the 2011 model year, including the 2011 KingQuad 400ASi, the KingQuad 400FSi and the new 2011 KingQuad 500AXi. These models come hot on the heels of the previously announced 2011 KingQuad 750AXi and 750AXi Power Steering and 2011 KingQuad 500AXi Power Steering.

A wide variety and range of product is key to a successful business model and nobody does that better than Suzuki. The company will offer several cruiser motorcycles for 2011 including the stylish Boulevard M109R, the entry-level Boulevard S40 as well as the retro-styled standard TU250. The S40 will be available in two new color schemes, orange and black, or white and silver. Suzuki revolutionized the dual sport category and will offer the DR650SE and the DR-Z400S for 2011. Returning for 2011 is the middleweight V-Strom 650 ABS which features antilock brakes as well as a large rear luggage rack with rubber-padded platform to help keep bags and luggage in place. The V-Strom is available in white and black. The king of the Sportbike segment, the Suzuki Hayabusa, also returns for 2011 in Pearl Mirage White or Pearl Nebular Black. And two new updated race-winning motocross performance machines also make an appearance for 2011; the potent RM-Z250, and the RM-Z450, which is based on the current FIM/AMA Supercross championship-winning ride.

Suzuki also announces several new ATV models for 2011. The KingQuad 400 models have been revised and both the 400ASi and 400FSi boast a new EFI system and a digital speedometer. The KingQuad 400ASi is offered in black, white, yellow and is also available in Realtree Hardwoods HD enhanced camouflage. The 2011 KingQuad 400FSi is also available in the same variety of color schemes as the KingQuad 400ASi. Suzuki will offer a completely new offering for 2011; a non-power-steering KingQuad 500AXi, which is available in yellow, black, white and Realtree Hardwoods HD enhanced camouflage.

About Suzuki: Suzuki Motor Corporation founded The Motorcycle/ATV Division of American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC), Brea, Calif., in 1963. ASMC markets motorcycles and ATVs via an extensive dealer network throughout 49 states. ASMC’s parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC), based in Hamamatsu, Japan, is a diversified worldwide manufacturer of motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, automobiles and marine engines. Founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1920, it has 120 distributors in 191 countries. For more information, visit



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New for 2011, the 848EVO is the year's most significant middleweight sport bike

Cupertino, Calif. (20 July 2010) – Ducati proudly announces today the most powerful middleweight sport bike on the market; the 2011 Ducati 848EVO Superbike.

The new Ducati 848EVO is the pinnacle of sport bike engineering, designed to be the leader in the middleweight class. Weighing only 369 pounds and propelled by 140 horsepower and 72 lb/ft of torque, it is the most powerful motorcycle in its category.

The 848EVO is based upon Ducati's best ever selling middleweight Superbike- the 848. Along with the "EVO" designation comes a significant amount of upgrades based on AMA Pro Racing feedback and consumer demand.

At the heart of the 848EVO is the Testastretta Evoluzione engine, significantly redesigned for a higher power output. All new cylinder heads, pistons, throttle bodies and camshafts combine for a forceful output of 140hp @ 10,500rpm and 72.3 lb/ft of torque @9,750rpm. All of this significant engine performance is wrapped in new black cylinder cases.

In addition to the more powerful engine, the 848EVO's chassis and braking systems have been upgraded. A cross-mounted steering damper has been added for greater control of the steering system, and the welcome addition of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires will ensure maximum grip while delivering every last horsepower to the asphalt.

The 848EVO receives a massive upgrade to the braking system in the form of Brembo Monobloc calipers. These single-piece calipers are machined from solid alloy and achieve a higher rigidity and resistance to distortion during extreme braking. The resulting increase in hydraulic efficiency not only delivers incredible braking power, but also provides an enhanced and precise 'feel' at the brake lever.

All this combines to form the most potent, powerful and lightweight middle class sport bike available; both for the road or race track usage. For 2011, a special "Dark" version will be available; which unlike "Dark" editions of Ducati's past will be a truly black bike from front to rear, giving the motorcycle an aggressive look and attitude.

The Ducati 848EVO Superbike will be available in North American Ducati Dealerships at the end of August, 2010. Impressively, MSRP will remain unchanged from the 2010 848 it replaces: $12,995 for the "Dark" edition, and $13,995 for Ducati Red.


Yamaha Star V Star 250 Review

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Unintimidating may not be the sexiest descriptor ever applied to a motorcycle, yet unintimidating is right up the alley for those just starting out on two wheels. An entry-level motorcycle needs to be easy-to-ride, functional and fun. The Yamaha’s V Star 250 pulls off all these feats quite well.

The 250 street bike market isn’t exactly robust these days in the bigger-is-better USofA. Riders not interested in a scooter or dual-sport have few options from the major OEMs. Kawasaki corners the sporty side with its class-dominating Ninja 250R, while Honda offers its Parallel Twin-powered Rebel (the Nighthawk no longer in the rotation). Suzuki delivers two options in its new single-cylinder TU250X (Read our 2009 Suzuki TU250X Review) and the Parallel Twin GZ250.

The V Star 250 is notable as the lone V-Twin 250 from the major players. (Note: Hyosung’s GV250, which we were unable to secure for a comparison, also sports a V-Twin.)

span class="fullpost" >2010 Star V Star 250 Review It packs a little punch with its 249cc engine, but the V Star 250's V-Twin configuration helps it stand out in the 250 class. Formerly known as the Virago 250 (cooler name by the way…), the little V Star’s 249cc engine resides down in the itty-bitty end of the displacement pool of the Yamaha Star Motorcycles lineup.

While the 60-degree V-Twin won’t get mistaken for the big ol’ 1854cc mill powering its Star Raider sibling, it does deliver a more authentic cruiser look than most of its 250 rivals. A single 26mm Mikuni carb feeds fuel to the air-cooled V Star engine, and liberal use of the choke lever, located on the left hand controls, is a must on cold starts. Thumb the electric starter and the 250 manages city streets quite well, once it shakes off its wake-up call. Two-valve heads top cylinders with a 49mm bore by 66mm stroke, the compression ratio an even 10:1.

Dyno runs show a modest peak of 18 horsepower and 13.8 lb-ft of torque. So while the Star ain’t going to win many drag races (see sidebar), it does produce manageable, newbie-friendly power. V Star 250 Lightweight at 327lbs fully-fueled the V Star 250 is quite easy to ride, with a low, inviting 27-inch seat height. 2010 Star V Star 250 Review Acceleration is brisk enough to navigate helter-skelter city traffic, with smooth throttle and fueling ensuring the hamfisted newb won’t get frustrated with herky-jerky inputs. The Star’s little motor can rattle up to 55mph without trouble.


Can-Am Spyder RT-622 Trailer 2010

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North America MSRP: starting at $24,999 USD

Pull-behind trailer designed for the Spyder RT

Fully loaded with 622 liters (22 cu.ft) of cargo capacity

Features coil over independent suspension, 12" vehicle matching cast aluminum mag wheels, fully carpeted interior, front and rear lids, gas shocks, integrated vehicle key locks

Utilizes same RT integrated lighting system

The VSS system of the Spyder RT has been calibrated to recognize the trailer in order to maximize vehicle's handling dynamics

Available in 3 color options to match your new Spyder RT - Orbital Blue, Timeless Black, Full Moon Silver

Only trailer on the market that maintains vehicle warranty requirements


Can-Am Spyder RS Roadster 2010

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North America MSRP: starting at $16,499 USD

ROTAX Engine
Manufacturer BRP-Rotax
Type 990 V-Twin
Displacement 998cc (60.90 cu. in.)
Bore 97 mm (3.82 in.)
Stroke 68 mm (2.68 in.)
Cylinder 2
Valves per cylinder DOHC 4
Max output 106 hp @ 8500 RPM (79 kW @ 8500 RPM)
Max torque 77 lb.-ft. @ 6250 RPM (104.3 Nm @ 6250 RPM)
Compression ratio 10.8:1
Ignition type Electronic ignition with dual output coil
Lubrication 5W40 semi-synthetic oil
Exhaust system 2-into-1 with catalytic converter
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Injection Multi-point EFI with 57 mm-diameter throttle bodies

Drive Train
Gear box 5-Speed manual (SM5) with transmission-based reverse
Optional gear box 5-Speed semi-automatic (SE5) with transmission-based reverse
Final drive 28/79 ratio final drive with
Kevlar-reinforced drive belt
Clutch Wet, multi-plate, manual operation through a hydraulic piston
Electric Equipment
Magneto 500 Watts
Starter Electric
Battery Sealed maintenance-free, 12V, 21 Amp

Front suspension Double A-Arm with anti-roll bar
Front suspension travel 5.67 in. (145 mm) shocks
Rear suspension Swing-arm with monoshock
Rear suspension travel 5.67 in. (145 mm) with adjustable cam
Chassis type SST Spyder (Surrounding Spar Technology)
Steering DPS (Dynamic Power Steering)

Tires & Wheels
Front tire KR21 165/65R14
Front nominal pressure 13-17 psi (90-117 kPa)
Rear tire KR21 225/50R15
Rear nominal pressure 26-30 psi (179-207 kPa)
Wheel size, front Aluminum 14x5 (355x127)
Wheel size, rear Aluminum 15x7 (381x178)

Type Foot-actuated, fully integrated hydraulic 3-wheel braking system
Front braking system 4 piston calipers with 10.2 in. x 0.25 in. (260 mm x 6 mm) discs
Rear braking system Single-piston caliper with 10.2 in. x 0.25 in. (260 mm x 6 mm) disc
EBD Electronic Brake Distribution
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
Parking brake Mechanical, foot actuated to the rear caliper

Safety & Security
VSS Vehicle Stability System
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
TCS Traction Control System
SCS Stability Control System with roll-over mitigation
DPS Dynamic Power Steering
DESS Digitally Encoded Security System

Vehicle Dimensions & Weights
Dry vehicle weight 699 lb. (317 kg)
Front storage capacity 11.62 US gal. (44 l)
Front max load capacity 30 lb. (15.9 kg)
Total vehicle load allowed 440 lb. (200 kg)
Fuel capacity 7.13 US gal. (25 l)
Oil capacity 1.19 US gal. (4.5 l)
Coolant capacity 0.85 US gal. (3.2 l)
GVWR 1,188 lb. (540 kg)
Ground clearance 4.5 in. (115 mm)
Vehicle overall height 45.1 in. (1,145 mm)
Vehicle overall length 105 in. (2,667 mm)
Vehicle overall width 59.3 in. (1,506 mm)
Seat (top) height 29 in. (737 mm)
Wheel base 68 in. (1,727 mm)
Wheel track, front 51.5 in. (1,308 mm)
Type of gas Unleaded, 87 octane minimum

Color Choices
Full Moon Silver
Roadster Red
Quantum Blue
Millennium Yellow
Pearl White (RS-S Special Edition only)

Sport windshield X X
11.62 US gal. (44 l) front storage X X
Parking brake X X
Digitally Encoded Security System X X
Speedometer X X
Tachometer X X
Electric fuel gauge X X
Dual trip meters X X
Engine temperature X X
Ambient temperature X X
Gear position indicator X X
6-Spoke custom wheel kit o X
Custom white trim seat o X
Spyder rolling travel bag o X
Custom decals NA X
Exclusive pearl white color NA X
Two-year warranty X X

X - Standard Feature on RS
X - Standard Feature on RS-S
o - Optional Feature


Husqvarna TC450

Posted on 8:21 PM by My_revival

New for 2010: TC 450
New IPD (in–mould plastic decoration) graphics on tank side panels and race number plate
New stronger, more flexible plastics
New 48 mm Kayaba forks
New triple clamps for Kayaba forks
Frame reinforced in the high stress areas
Rear swing arm shortened by 15 mm to improve traction and handling

New rear disc
New radiator connectors and coolant hoses
New high performance water pump for improved cooling system efficiency


Honda Gold Wing GL18HPM Audio 2010

Posted on 8:16 PM by My_revival

MSRP: Starting at $22,899 Base MSRP

Engine Type 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder
Bore and Stroke 74mm x 71mm
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Ignition Computer-controlled digital with three-dimensional mapping
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Valve Train SOHC; two valves per cylinder

Transmission Five-speed including Overdrive, plus electric Reverse
Final Drive Shaft

Front Suspension 45mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system, 5.5 inches travel
Rear Suspension Pro Arm® single-side swingarm with Pro-Link® single shock with computer-controlled spring
preload adjustment with two memory presets; 4.1 inches travel
Front Brake Dual full-floating 296mm discs with CBS three-piston calipers
Rear Brake Single ventilated 316mm disc with CBS three-piston caliper
Front Tire 130/70R-18
Rear Tire 180/60R-16

Rake 29.15° (Caster Angle)
Trail 109mm (4.3 inches)
Wheelbase 66.5 inches
Seat Height 29.1 inches
Curb Weight 895 - 928 pounds, depending on option packages selected
Fuel Capacity 6.6 gallons

Model ID GL18HPM
Emissions Meets current California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA standards.

Available Colors Metallic Red, Metallic Black, Pearl Yellow, Metallic Titanium

Three Year Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a
Honda Protection Plan.


Motorcycle Apparel

Posted on 8:00 PM by My_revival

As a rider appearance when touring is everything. Choosing the appropriate motorcycle accoutrement can be a arduous assignment for the amateur motorcycle rider. Finding motorcycle accoutrement that is both anatomic and beautiful can be even added daunting. The top 5 things to attending for in beautiful motorcycle accoutrement combines both functionality and appearance in one simple reference. Whether a amateur addition absent to acquisition the absolute pieces, or an accomplished one searching to enhance his motorcycle wardrobe, the account beneath will accomplish allotment the absolute accoutrement simple.

1. Helmets

Smart motorcycle riders never go after arch aegis in the anatomy of a awful bedlam and adamant helmet. For the beautiful rider, the helmet speaks volumes and is one of the aboriginal things noticed. While old academy motorcycle helmets are all black, the beautiful helmets of today action active cartoon and symbols. Swirling flames, arrows and skulls are all accepted clear choices for some of the a lot of beautiful helmets accessible on the market. Each addition should accept the appearance that reflects his personality the best after compromising the assurance afforded by a top above helmet. HJC helmets is the current helmet with best design and safest with DOT standards.

2. Accouterment Material

As all motorcycle riders know, the best actual for accouterment beat during a ride is leather. Covering provides above aegis adjoin alley adventurous should a abatement yield place. It aswell offers accomplished aegis adjoin aerial debris, clay and insects during the ride. For the a lot of beautiful clothing, attending for covering that is glassy and able-bodied formed.

3. The Jacket

Stylish Motorcycle Jackets go above the apart applicable covering jackets that are beat on the street. The austere motorcycle addition knows that there is no compromising assurance with an bargain bolt jacket. Instead, a anatomy applicable covering anorak with abundant brim or intricate apery is both applied and stylish. Some of the a lot of beautiful covering jackets go above the basal black. Blue, red, silver, chicken and white are all accepted choices for the avant-garde motorcycle rider. Attending for high-quality covering jackets by accounted manufacturers that action the applied allowances of ancillary air vents and pockets, while aswell applicable the body's curve and curves for a snug, careful fit.