2012 Husqvarna WR125 - Specifications/Technical Details

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2012 Husqvarna WR125 Review

WR125 - HUSQVARNA. The WR 125 is the motorbike of choice of many young riders wanting to make a start in enduro.

Light, powerful, manoeuvrable and stable, the WR 125 is a firm favourite having won countless national championship events and in effect becoming the point of reference in its category. Husqvarna has always had a strong championship presence in the small two-stroke 125cc Enduro and Motocross sector, models which since their entry to the market in 1988 have become a technical benchmark for the category.

2012 Husqvarna WR125 Features and Benefits

The 2011 version of the WR125 has been further updated with technical modificationsderiving from Husqvarna's experience in the European Motocross and Enduro championships.

The small WR125 has had the same technical changes as the motocross version 125cc: a newchassis, reinforced and redesigned beneath the cradle near the footrest lugs and new connection fittings to the cylinder head.

In terms of bodywork, apart from the 2011 graphic design, the WR125 has a new numberprotection system on the headlight, with a new mounting system and new handlebar guards.The engine also features a new muffler, and a new clutch housing.

The control panel has a new display, digital instead of the analogue one mounted on the previous WR model. The cooling system has a thermostat which monitors and optimizes the engine running temperature.

The front suspension features a new Kayaba 48mm fork. The wheels are new as are the new wave disc brakes

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