2011 Honda NT700V Overview

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2011 Honda NT700V

Fully equipped with a fairing, interlinked saddlebags and a strong 680cc V-twin engine, the NT700V is ready for any journey you can dream up. It's a touring machine that's fun to ride and ready to carry you to work and play seven days a week. With such impressive credentials, the NT700V can turn a daily commute into riding pleasure and then carry you off on that weekend adventure.

2011 Honda NT700V Features and Benefits

Introducing the Honda NT700V, newly arrived here in the U.S., and the perfect combination of cross-town commuter and cross-country capability that's been wowing Europeans for over a decade. Think of it this way: If the ST1300 had a little brother, it would be the NT700V. Plenty nimble to eat up around-town urban assaults, and plenty plush and feature-packed for the luxurious long haul.

From this machine's potent, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 680cc V-twin, disc brakes (with optional ABS) and bulletproof shaft drive to its integrated saddlebags and weather-cheating adjustable windscreen and bodywork, the NT700V rolls out as the ultimate light-weight tourer/commuter for both entry-level and seasoned riders alike. In other words, the best of both worlds.

Fuel-Injected Fun.
The NT700V's electronic fuel injection system delivers superb throttle response and performance every time out, which means hassle-free fun for you.

Fuel Injection: Electronic Fuel Injection delivers precise air/fuel mixture for optimal performance in all conditions, while ensuring quick, hassle-free starts in the cold or at high altitudes.

Liquid-cooled 680cc SOHC V-twin Engine: The eight-valve, 52° V-twin four-stroke powerplant delivers heaps of smooth low- and high-end muscle tuned for both urban and highway conditions.

Integrated Saddlebags: Aerodynamic, lockable and roomy enough for groceries or overnight gear, the NT700V's built-in saddlebags notch up the convenience factor on this bike big time.

Baggage Claim.
Sleek, integrated saddlebags provide ample, lockable storage for your totables, whether you're headed to the market—or Maine.

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