Harley Davidson Rocker C Testride

Posted on 6:26 PM by My_revival

Without doubt, in 2011 Harley-Davidson Rocker C is a motorcycle, is catchy.

Riding around with the colors scarlet Deluxe, it is impossible to avoid thumb-ie high signal to pedestrians, the guy in a moving truck "nice bike" to a traffic light, so that an old man waiting twinkling of an eye in a rickety pickup truck as we until green - it goes on and on, all day in the neighborhood after neighborhood.

In a metropolis like Los Angeles bumped, where people usually avoid eye contact when driving, which is extraordinary.

There is much to tell Rocker C appearance in 37-degree raked front end for the rear fender near the body tire for Harley-Davidson. There are certainly some sleight of hand with C. What rock as a solo seat almost floating in the air as a passenger seat in which are installed without tools in less than a minute like saved.

The mirage Softail is particularly effective in front with a rear fender that moves with the rear wheel, the way we're used to seeing. Add to that the striking color (I wonder if I had received the same number of unsolicited compliments when I'm not on the Scarlet Red version), and you have a bike that demands and receives attention.

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