The Beast 2011 Yamaha Raider (XV1900)

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2011 Yamaha Raider (XV1900)

Style. Performance. Attitude. You might as well have it all.

You are looking at a new generation of custom cruisers. A breed that stands apart. Check out the incredible attention to detail. From front to back, the 2011 Yamaha Raider is loaded with "custom" inspired parts. Stretched out fork, fat rear tire, low seat and an aggressive, slammed riding position. The 2011 Raider features more black parts than the S version. The Yamaha Raider not only looks good... it offers an incredible riding experience too.

Style. Performance. Attitude.

If you want totally custom but would rather ride than wrench, have a look at the 2011 Yamaha Raider by Star Motorcycles. The 113 cubic inch fuel injected V-twin engine that powers it takes a back seat to no V-twin when it comes to power and reliability. And the rest of the chopper-inspired 2011 Yamaha Raider is pure Star, designed and engineered by the world's best bike builders.

When the engineers at Yamaha set out to produce a true custom machine, the easy part was the styling and attention to detail.

The trick was to combine "chopper inspired" styling with a chassis that would offer superior handling. The engineers at Yamaha were not willing to compromise. The Raider had to deliver great handling and excellent ride quality. Discover the eye catching blacked out styling details and the all round incredible performance of the Raider.

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