Wakan 100 Roadster

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How did a country that's still in love with Jerry Lewis, Smurfs and mayonnaise on French fries come up with this? Once you rule out divine intervention and the second coming of Carroll Shelby, it all comes down to an engineer by the name of Joël Domergue, who has been working on the Wakan 100 Roadster in one way or another since he was 14. He was bitten by American muscle-cars in general and Shelby's AC Cobra in particular-the glorious improbability of a crazy, retired racer from Leesburg, Texas, stuffing 7 liters of Ford V8 into a spindly little British roadster. Nobody else had come up with a two-wheeled interpretation, so Domergue built this one.

Price $47,000
Engine type a-c 45-deg. V-twin
Valve train OHV, 4v
Displacement 1640cc
Transmission 5-speed
Claimed horsepower 120 bhp @ 5750 rpm
Claimed torque 120 lb.-ft. @ 4250 rpm
Frame Tubular-steel backbone
Front suspension 46mm Ceriani inverted fork with adjustable
spring preload, compression and rebound damping
Rear suspension Sachs shock with adjustable spring preload,
compression and rebound damping
Front brake Six-piston AJP caliper, 340mm disc
Rear brake Two-piston AJP caliper, 220mm disc
Front tire 120/70ZR-17 Michelin Pilot Power
Rear tire 180/55ZR-17 Michelin Pilot Power
Seat height 31.0 in.
Wheelbase 54.3 in.
Fuel capacity 3.4 gal.
Claimed dry weight 403 lbs.
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