2009 Kawasaki ER-6n vs Suzuki Gladius

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2009 Suzuki Gladius Comparison
In the market for a new entry level sport motorcycle? We've got two motorcycles from Kawasaki and Suzuki that might fit the bill.
With the sheer expanse of super slab here in the U.S. motorcycles are all about being big: Big power, big speed, and of course big cost. However, a new crop of motorcycles from Kawasaki and Suzuki prove that a motorcycle doesn’t have to go 186 miles per hour, have you stretched out across the fuel tank or cost over ten grand to be fun. Meet the 2009 Kawasaki ER-6N and Suzuki Gladius.

While both of these motorcycles are new in America, their platforms are based off motorcycles we’ve already sampled. The ER-6n is based off the recently redesigned Ninja 650R complete with its friendly, 649cc Parallel Twin cradled in a compact steel chassis and wrapped in sharp futuristic bodywork that turns heads. The Gladius on the other hand is modeled off of Suzuki’s beyond popular SV650 model. It’s powered by a 645cc V-Twin wedged in an easily manipulated steel chassis. Like the ER it features a new contemporary shape. The final similarly is that both of these bikes are affordably priced in the sixes, which mean you get a good amount of thrill for a reasonable price.

On paper these motorcycles are roughly identical, but after a few weeks living with these motorcycles day-in and day-out we’ve discovered some striking difference. So follow along as Motorcycle-USA helps you decide which one belongs in the garage.

For My Money

Adam Waheed, Road Test Editor, 6 foot, 180 lbs:

Honestly, both of these motorcycles would be perfect for a new rider as beyond anything else they are small and easy to ride. But the thing I really like about the Suzuki is that although it’s designed for a newbie, it’s still so well engineered that an experienced rider can hop on it, rip around and come back with as big as a smile on their face as if they just got a GSX-R sportbike. It’s truly amazing how much fun Suzuki infused in this motorcycle. If I was in the market for a new small displacement sporty motorcycle the Gladius would be it.

Steve Atlas, Executive Editor, 5 foot, 8 inches, 150 lbs:

The ER-6n is a funny motorcycle. It is definitely more oriented to someone who is new to the sport of motorcycling. Not to say that the Gladius isn’t, but the Kawi just feels a tad bit smaller, a little more agile, more docile power, etc. When I picked up the Gladius I told Suzuki’s press officer, Garrett Kai, that if I could leave the store and, right off the bat, having never ridden the machine, wheelie the Gladius for the several blocks to the stoplight at the end of the road without putting the front end down, I would give it a good review. And the Suzuki did just that and more. I’ll take a new Gladius please.

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